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The Trickery Magic Shop

One of the 1st magic shops on the Internet.

Custom template and coding. Ecommerce technologies running multi-store.

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The ViBE Band

A cover band in the Greater Philly area. !

Custom template and coding. Utilizes Wordpress technologies.

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Gifts for Men

Custom template and coding. Utilizes Opencart & Wordpress technologies.

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Closets for Less of Bucks

Organization storage space company.

Custom template and coding. Utilizes Wordpress technologies.

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Warwickshire Bed & Breakfast

A charming B&B in Warwick, NY.

Custom template. Utilizes third party reservation system.

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What if…

Host Your Site with WebAuthorings!What if you put your blood, sweat and tears into your website and in a moment EVERYTHING WAS GONE?
All of your data, images and content gone without recourse!

  • Does your ISP back up your files and database on a daily basis?
  • How can you easily and quickly recover?
  • Do you know how to backup all of your content?
  • Do you know where your backup data is stored?

Most people don’t know how to back up their files.¬†
Most people don’t even know if their files are being backed up.
Most people don’t realize if a server crashes in most cases there’s not a thing¬†they can do except start over.

Even if your website is hosted on a large company like Godaddy your files are shared on a singled server with over 1000 other people.

Unless you have a managed account and a back-up plan through your ISP, you would be simply @#$ed!

When your site is hosted on one of the WebAuthorings Clouds, you never ever have to worry about these things!


Because we’ve been through disasters when hosting with other companies!

We make the effort to assure you that your data is safe and sound with us. Even if a server should crash, your data is safe at an off-site location and easily and quickly restored. The moment you come on-board with us and your files are migrated to our Cloud environment you will never see a cloudy day.

And the cool thing….we’re pretty inexpensive!

Call us at 973.657.0447 for details and pricing!

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