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Bob Solari Magic

Magic shop on the web!

Custom template and coding. Utilizes open source customized commerce technologies.

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An investment consulting company

Custom template. Utilizes our custom Sitebuilder CMS.

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The Trickery Magic Shop

One of the 1st magic shops on the Internet.

Custom template and coding. Ecommerce technologies running multi-store.

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Martins Mill Legal Center

A Philly legal firm!

Custom template. Utilizes Wordpress CMS.

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A children's book on-line.

Custom template/coding.Migrated to Wordpress technologies.

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Mall Rats to Mobile Mice

mobilemice - webauthorings.comThe trends have changed. It happened so fast you probably missed it. 50% of Americans are using their mobile devices for shopping activities which include comparing prices, reading reviews and making purchases. Once the economy returns to some sort of normalcy, these numbers will climb substantially.

Every site that WebAuthorings produces records statistical user information. These stats show this is not just a trend, but a formidable method of habitual communication. While there are dozens of cell phone brands and a multitude of operating systems, the two biggest players are Apple and Google. Up until about two years ago, Apple’s technology controlled market share. Google’s Android OS has far surpassed the Apple numbers.

The beauty of mobile browsing is instant gratification. You don’t need to be behind a computer to be online. You can be in a Starbucks, library or in a park. You can be on a bus or out for a walk.   You have the world at your fingertips with a smartphone. Applications, now called apps, are created by programmers to make your smartphone browsing even easier. Facebook apps, for example, allow you to update, comment and browse pictures without having to navigate through the actual Facebook website, but rather a streamlined mobile site.

If you’re one of our clients, we can turn your website into a mobile-friendly smartphone app. Contact us to see how we can do this for you.

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